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Thai Specialties Dinner

Mary Jo and I just returned from a three week trip to Thailand and we thought we would share some of the photographs, recipes and cuisine we experienced.  Above are some photos I took on the trip. We will be featuring a menu from Thailand (see below) on Monday and Tuesday, April 20 and 21, 2009. On May 9th, I will be adding a Thai Cooking class to the regularly scheduled cooking classes at the Inn, featuring recipes from the below menu. It is sure to be a very good time and I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with our guests. 

  • Grilled Thai Beef Salad with Spicy Cucumbers
  • Coconut Shrimp Soup with Curry
  • Maine Blueberry Sorbet
  • Red Curry of Roasted Duck with Pineapple and Mushrooms
  • Coconut-Fried Bananas with Lychees and Papaya

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