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Michael Salmon's Foodie Adventures – Tuscany

As many of you know, last fall we began “Michael Salmon’s Foodie Adventures“. These “adventures” or culinary trips abroad are a way for us to marry our love of terrific food, culinary adventures and great company. We have so much fun traveling and enjoying life that we decided to create several foodie adventures each year outside of the Inn.  Our first destination is Tuscany and we completed are first two week long trips this past October.  Over the next few days we will publish a series of blog posts on our Tuscany trip.  If you have the desire to learn something new, would like to explore several beautiful villages in Tuscany and like to cook – or just eat, this may be the trip for you!  We have space available in the October 2011 trip.   We also just began booking for a trip to the Loire Valley in France!

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