Fun For Foodies in Catalonia, Spain.


I am writing this post from Catalonia, Spain where we are winding down an amazing first week in our newest destination.  The weather has been 7 glorious days of sunny mid- 60’s to low 70’s.  After a long Maine winter it’s wonderful to see lush green fields in the valleys of the Pyrenees and to choose from an overwhelming assortment of fruits and vegetables that are oozing with flavor.


Boqueria 1

Chef Michael Salmon and I have been taking a foodie travel break from our home at the Hartstone Inn, Camden Maine and hosting Foodie Adventure tours in Tuscany and the Loire Valley for several years. We look forward to the trips as a chance to cook and play in a new environment, to soak in the inspiration for new ideas from the markets, the local producers and the scenic villages along the way.

We start this tour in Barcelona. First stop The Boqueria Market,

If you’re looking for anything related to food, this is the place to be! 

I love the colors, the aroma’s, the passion the vendors feel for their products

and the excitement on the visitors faces.

Take time to enjoy a fresh fruit drink and some tapas at Pinotoxo. 


The chocolate vendors are close to the exit – a perfect last stop on the way to your next adventure.


Stay tuned for updates as the tour continues and to see the creations coming from the evening cooking classes. 

Additional information and tour availability for our Foodie Adventures

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Upcoming Cooking Classes: Caribbean Cuisine and Chocolate Desserts

You know what they say, if you can’t stand the cold – get in the kitchen!  The Hartstone Inn kitchen that is and join Chef Michael Salmon for a cooking class.  Classes are informative, entertaining, and of course, filled with delicious food and wine.  Weekend packages are $357 – $575 and include two nights lodging, breakfast each morning, afternoon cookies and tea, our Chef’s Tasting dinner menu for two and enrollment for one in the cooking class.  Enrollment into the cooking class alone is $45 per person.

Chef Michael Salmon

Caribbean Cuisine
Saturday, January 25th & Sunday, January 26th  from 1-3pm

Chef Michael was named Caribbean Chef of the year in 1996.  Join in preparing some of his favorite dishes and creations using tropical fruits and local ingredients. We will start with a Caribbean Papaya-Kahlua Colada and follow with: Batakons and Plantain Chips, Caribbean Hot Sauces with Tropical Fruits, Scabechi (Aruban Pickled Fish), Keshi Yena with Roti Bread, and Jerk Seared Tuna with a Mango Salad.

Chocolate Desserts
Saturday, February 8th & Sunday, February 9th from 1-3pm

A class for Chocolate Lovers…bring your sweet tooth!  Chef Michael will share his famous soufflé recipe with a Chocolate twist. “Death by Chocolate” is a chocolate ganache tart made with Bailey’s Irish Cream, Grand Marnier, and a brownie crust.  It is heavenly.   Next, we will make a Chocolate-Almond torte with Almond Macaroons and finally a Chocolate Créme Brûleé.

View our complete Hartstone Inn cooking class schedule here.

Chef Michael’s Spice Sampler

The Hartstone Inn kitchen was busy today filling spice tins in preparation of holiday orders.  For years, guests here at the Inn have asked Chef Michael about his various spice mixes and dry rubs.  This caused him to decide to put together his very own spice sampler!

Each tin contains 15 individual spices and salts, all either his own blends or his favorite seasonings.  They include everything from Fennel Spice Mix and Apple Pie Spice to Maine Sea Salt and Annatto. 

Sound like a needed addition to your kitchen or maybe the perfect gift for the foodie in your life?  You can find them along with Chef Michael’s Specialty Salt Sampler in the online gift section of our website

Hartstone Inn Spice KitHartsotne Inn Spice Kit

Hartstone Inn Spice Kit

“Crazy for Crêpes” Cooking Class November 23rd & 24th

Our first Hartstone Inn cooking class of the season is just one month away!!  Have you reserved your space in class?berry crepe

Crazy for Crêpes
Offered on Saturday, November 23rd & again on Sunday, November 24th, from 1-3pm

Join Chef Michael as he goes crazy with crêpe recipes, both sweet and savory. After learning how to make basic crêpe batter, Michael will teach you his technique for creating the perfect crêpe at home. The crêpes will then be turned into fabulous dishes like Wild Mushroom Crêpe with Roasted Duckling and Smoked Salmon Butterflies. Chef Michael will share some ideas with you for a crêpe dinner party and then proceed into dessert crêpes: Fresh Berry Crêpes, Banana Foster Crêpes and Chocolate Ganache Filled Crêpes.

Classes are informative, entertaining, and of course, filled with delicious food.  Our Cooking Class Packages start at $357 and include two nights lodging, breakfast each morning, our five course dinner for two and enrollment for one in the cooking class.  Additional enrollment into the cooking class is $45 per person.  View our entire cooking class schedule here.

Chef Michael’s Fall Apple-Maple Dressing

This is a good basic recipe for fruit-based dressings.  You may experiment with your own choice of fruits, but this combination of real Maine maple syrup and apples is perfect for fall salads and as a marinade.  This dressing will keep for several weeks under refrigeration.



Apple-Maple Salad Dressing
Michael Salmon, Hartstone Inn, Camden

½ cup cider vinegar
½ cup granulated sugar
½ cup canola oil
¼ cup chopped vidalia onion
½ teaspoon kosher salt
½ teaspoon dry mustard
1½ Tablespoons real Maine maple syrup
2 small Cortland apples, cored and coarsely chopped

Combine all ingredients listed above and mix in a blender until smooth.

Makes about 1½ cups.

Hartstone Inn 2013-2014 Cooking Class Schedule

Our 2013-2014 cooking class schedule has just been published and it includes many new class topics!!

Join Chef Michael in his Hartstone Inn kitchen for a cooking class weekend, covering a wide range of topics from regional and ethnic cuisines to seasonal and holiday offerings. Classes are informative, entertaining, and of course, filled with delicious food.  Weekend packages are $370 – $560 and include two nights lodging, breakfast each morning, afternoon cookies and tea, our five course Chef’s Tasting Menu for two and enrollment for one in the cooking class.  Additional enrollment into the cooking class is $45* per person. Classes are held on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-3 in the afternoon. See schedule of classes below for specific class dates and topics.  Click on the course topics for detailed descriptions of each class and photos of the recipes to be created.  Watch the Video of our Scheduled Group Classes!

*Gingerbread House Decorating for Adults is from 12-3pm with Patricia Moroz of Starlight Custom Cakes.  $55 per person. 


Date Course Topic Course Instructor  
Saturday, November 23rd, 1-3 pm Crazy for Crêpes Michael Salmon  
Sunday, November 24th, 1-3 pm Crazy for Crêpes Michael Salmon  
Saturday, November 30th, 12-3pm Gingerbread House Decorating for Adults Patricia Moroz  
Saturday, December 7th, 1-3 pm Cocktails and Hors d’Oeuvres Michael Salmon  
Sunday, December 8th, 1-3 pm Cocktails and Hors d’Oeuvres Michael Salmon  
Date Course Topic Course Instructor  
Saturday, January 4th, 1-3 pm Nut Lovers Cuisine Michael Salmon  
Sunday, January 5th, 1-3 pm Nut Lovers Cuisine Michael Salmon  
Saturday, January 25th, 1-3 pm Cuisine for the Hands Michael Salmon  
Sunday, January 26th, 1-3 pm Cuisine for the Hands Michael Salmon  
Saturday, February 8th, 1-3 pm Chocolate Desserts Michael Salmon  
Sunday, February 9th, 1-3 pm Chocolate Desserts Michael Salmon  
Saturday, March 1st, 1-3 pm Soups 101 Michael Salmon  
Sunday, March 2nd, 1-3 pm Soups 101 Michael Salmon  
Saturday, March 29th, 1-3 pm Dim Sum Michael Salmon  
Sunday, March 30th, 1-3pm Dim Sum Michael Salmon  
Saturday, April 12th, 1-3 pm Lobster, Lobster, Lobster Michael Salmon  
Sunday, April 13th, 1-3 pm Lobster, Lobster, Lobster Michael Salmon  
Saturday, May 24th, 1-3pm More Pasta Favorites Michael Salmon  
Sunday, May 25th, 1-3 pm More Pasta Favorites Michael Salmon  
Saturday, June 7th, 1-3 pm Travel to Tuscany Michael Salmon  
Sunday, June 8th, 1-3 pm Travel to Tuscany Michael Salmon  

Artist Series Dinner at Cellardoor Winery with Harold Garde and Chef Michael Salmon

Chef MIchale Salmon
Event date/time:  June 11, 2013 – 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Join Cellardoor Winery for a very special Artist Series dinner featuring their guest of honor, artist Harold Garde, on Tuesday, June 11th at their Farmhouse in Lincolnville.  The evening will honor Mr. Garde’s 90th birthday and will feature select pieces of work as well as a four-course dinner prepared by special guest chef, (our very own) Chef Michael Salmon of the Hartstone Inn in Camden.  Seats for this dinner are limited, so be sure to secure yours soon!

$85 per person.
Advanced purchase required.
Seats are limited; please call (207) 763-4478 to reserve your seat.

Find more information here

Handmade Chocolates at the Hartstone Inn

It was a chocolate-y delicious day in the kitchen here at the Hartstone Inn today!  Chef Michael and his team were busy making chocolates of all kinds along with Maine sea salt caramels.  Each and every chocolate that we use in the Inn is handmade and decorated.  We also tuxedo dip our own strawberries in white and milk chocolate.  Nothing says “I Love You” or “Happy Anniversary” like finding a plate of these tasty sweets in your room upon arrival!  

Hartstone Inn Caramels

Hartstone Inn

Hartstone Inn Chocolates

Hartstone Inn Chocolates

Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles by Chef Michael Salmon

Are you cooking  Easter breakfast or brunch this year?  Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles make a delicious addition to any menu!   Dust the top with powdered sugar and add a dollop of sweetened, whipped cream and they are complete.  We serve them here at the Hartstone Inn with a side of Chef Michael’s cumin spiced bacon!

Lemon Poppy Seed WafflesLemon Poppy Seed Waffles
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 Tablespoon powdered sugar
½ Tablespoon canola oil
1 cup milk
1 egg, separated
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Pinch kosher salt
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon lemon extract
1 teaspoon grated lemon zest
1 teaspoon poppy seeds
Vegetable pan coating

Mix the flour, baking powder, and powdered sugar together in a mixing bowl.

Add the oil, milk, egg yolk, vanilla, and salt and mix until smooth. Stir lemon juice, extract, zest, and poppy seeds into the batter, mixing well.

Whip the egg white to stiff peaks and fold into the batter.

Heat the waffle iron and coat with a layer of vegetable pan coating. Ladle in the waffle batter and cook until crisp, following the manufacturer’s recommended techniques and settings.

Serves 4.

Hartstone Inn New Years Eve 10 Course Dinner Menu

For all of you who have reservations and have been anxiously awaiting the publication of our New Years Eve dinner menu, the wait is over!!  Chef Michael has completed the menu and it is posted below.

For those of you who don’t have reservations, we are sorry to say that it is currently sold out.  It is never too early however to plan for next year!

Monday, December 31, 2012 at 7pm

  • Crab Gougère with Gruyere Cheese and Radish Sprouts
  • House-Smoked Salmon Lasagna with Goat Cheese, Cucumber and a Cool Lemon Soubise
  • White Bean Cassoulet with Duck Confit
  • Halibut and Udon in Kombu-Dashi with Shiitakes and Baby Bok Choy
  • Cod, Scallop and Mussel Bouillabaisse En Papillote
  • Pomegranate-Pineapple Sorbet with Champagne
  • Bourbon-Braised Pork Belly with a Smoked-Molasses Gastrique with a Sweet Potato Custard
  • Filet Mignon with Foie Gras and Alaskan King Crab meat
  • Candied Macadamia Nut and White Chocolate Ganache “Napoleon”
  • Hartstone Chocolates