Duck Pâté for New Years Eve Dinner

Today I started assembling the duck pâté for New Years Eve dinner. I started with a very rich pastry, a forcemeat made of duck thighs, mushrooms, fresh thyme and a little anise, a few layers of duck breast strips and covered it with a decorative layer of pastry. Inserted a few “chimneys” to let the steam out and just slipped it into a 350-degree oven for an hour. Now it’s time to turn my rich-dark duck stock into a clear consommé, by clarifying it with whipped egg whites, mirepoix julienne and some ground chicken thighs. I’ll add a little gelatin to the finished consommé, and pour it into my pâté en croute, once it is baked and then completely chilled. I will serve a slice of the pâté with a Cherry Cumberland sauce and a microgreen salad from my greenhouse.