Bird Watching in the Maine Winter

A wonderful way to experience the beauty of a Maine winter is to grab binoculars and go bird watching!  Midcoast Maine, with their coastlines, marshes, blueberry patches, and meadows offer great birdwatching options.

The harbors of Rockland, Rockport, and South Thomaston offer views of the Pintail, American Wigeon, and Long-tailed ducks.  Other varieties of ducks are often found foraging in the harbors and the coastline, such as, the Black Duck, Mallard, and Common Eiders.

During the winter, birds of prey, including Raptors, can be seen perching on dead trees or soaring through the open fields.  According to the Georges River Land Trust , several Rough-legged Hawks have been spotted in Owls Head and at the Weskeag Marsh,  Rockland’s Meadow Brook is hope to some North Harriers, and a Snowy Owl was seen on Clarry Hill in Union.

For more ideas on where to go, there are several Maine-based birding guides such as the Maine Birding Trail, or Cornell University’s eBird birding hotspots.

“A Barred Owl Perched on a Branch” – Photo Credit goes to David Small, “Photos By Chance”