Get to Know Chef Brian Granims

A new era of Hartstone cuisine is here as we proudly welcome Brian Granims, our Chef de Cuisine of over six years alongside Executive Chef Michael Salmon and is now Head Chef of the restaurant! We’ve brought you an exclusive interview on what he brings to the table as a Camden, Maine chef and lover of all things food!

Q: When did you decide to become a chef?

A: I started working in kitchens at 15 years old as a dishwasher and fell in love with the crazy and hectic environment. At first, I had no idea how people got anything done, yet they did it fast and did it well! In my life, I’ve worked in a diverse range of restaurants from mom & pop places to large hotel chains and recognizable locations such as Cafe Miranda, Samoset, Whitehall Inn, and more in my long career.

Q: What is your signature dish and favorite ingredients?

A: I don’t have a signature as I find it difficult to nail down just one and love to experiment with many styles of cooking and distinct cuisines. Likewise, I don’t have a favorite ingredient as the seasons are my muse and I often turn to the time of year for inspiration. Spring, in particular, is my favorite because of the wider availability of stone fruits in small-town Maine where the seasons can affect what produce we have access to. In that regard, I consider myself lucky to know the local farmers and fishermen from which we source high-quality ingredients.

Q: How do you describe your overall cooking philosophy?

A: I suppose my philosophy could be considered “fusion cooking”. Taking all of these composite parts, manipulating flavors to work how I want them to, and creating excellence is one of the joys of cooking for me. I see the world through taste and I am always looking for ways to innovate through the flavors I encounter in my life experiences.

Q: Name the three kitchen tools you can’t do without?

A: Passion, Teamwork, and Creativity!

Q: What chefs do you follow on social media (or admire their work and career in general)?

A: Great chefs that I admire include Michael Salmon, Kerry Altiero at Cafe Miranda, and Steve Steeves at Samoset and Whitehall Inn. I firmly believe in taking inspiration from others as that is how I was able to learn and hone the skills that I still utilize today. There are so many talented people that, at least in my opinion, the idea of being “self-taught” is selfish. As for social media, I would much rather follow the flavor than “follow” chefs.

Experience Chef Granims’ Creations

A: Taste delicious delights cooked up by flavor aficionado Chef Brian Granims at our Camden, Maine restaurant right here at Hartstone Inn and Hideaway. A bold infusion of New England and international cuisine, our menu features only the freshest ingredients for unique creations subject to both the season’s offerings as well as the whims of the chef. Go on a culinary adventure and find the perfect wine pairing with your dish from our extensive wine list with vintages from California, France, New Zealand, and more! Book your reservations for dinner today and experience the brilliance of Chef Brian firsthand with delectable culinary creations. Hungry for more? Work alongside Chef Brian in a private one-on-one cooking class or join one of the group classes on Saturdays and Sundays for hands-on training and the opportunity to create dishes from the menu. The ultimate foodie getaway awaits at Hartstone Inn and Hideaway, and with Chef Brian Granims at the helm, it’s bound to be an unforgettable experience.