Chef for the Day

Be a chef for the day! Join Chef Michael in his Camden Maine restaurant kitchen for a private one-on-one cooking class. The chef for a day program runs from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, and is available with advance reservations. Students will assist Michael in preparations for that evening’s dinner and will also get specialized Chef Michael Salmon at a cooking class at his Camden bed and breakfasttraining on prearranged topics. The afternoon begins with a review of the evening’s dinner menu and assignment of duties. After a quick tour of the kitchen and orientation, you will work side-by-side with chef preparing dinner. If you have a preference to learn about one of Chef Michael’s recipes or a specific type of cuisine, Michael can work with you in advance to make those arrangements. We recommend you join us for dinner that evening to enjoy the dishes you helped prepare.


Chef For The Day Includes:

  • 4-hour one-on-one instruction
  • Menu of the Day
  • Personalized-Signed copy of Chef Michael’s Cookbook
  • Hartstone Inn apron
  • Food tasting

Course Cost:

$350 for first person — add a second person for $50 (second apron included).

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