Sugar House Tour – Maple Syrup

Join Maine’s maple producers each spring as they celebrate Maine Maple — Here’s your chance to see firsthand how 40 gallons of maple sap is turned into just one gallon of that golden delight you pour over hot pancakes…or ice cream.

The trees are tapped and ready to produce sap in the beginning of March. The season can run up to 6 weeks. Two of the farms near us offer tours anytime during the “season” — and it usually lasts during the month of March and beyond.

Maine Maple Sunday is always the fourth Sunday in March — the day when sugar makers around the state open the doors of their sugarhouses for the public to join them in their rites of spring — making maple syrup.

Most sugarhouses offer free tastings and a live demonstration of how syrup is produced, from tap to table. Many offer a variety of other treats and activities, including syrup on pancakes or ice cream, sugarbush tours, sleigh or wagon rides and lots more. Many sugarhouses will arrange special tours and demonstrations for groups on other days as well. Contact numbers are below — call them yourselves or let us call them to make your arrangements.

Enjoy the first sweet taste of spring in Maine!

Freyenhagen Family Farm

Phone: 207-785-4559
Sample maple syrup on ice cream. Demonstration of syrup-making process.
Union: 51 Wottons Mill Road
Open: 9 am to 4 pm
Other Days: Open whenever I’m boiling. Call ahead to be sure

Rock Maple Acres

Phone: 207-845-2865
Ride through maple orchard with oxen and wagon. Maple syrup over ice cream. Coffee and drinks served. Baked beans with maple syrup samples.
Appleton: Rte 105 – Burkettville Road
Open: 10 am to 5 pm
Other Days: We welcome visitors throughout the season.

Tours are Free

Looking for more information on Maine Maple Syrup? Visit:

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